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Did this website help you?

Austin Parra, CT, 2017

Humic + Fulvic Acids: The Huamlife ATP+ Pineal feels like steroids- a ton of energy. The Humic Acid I get kind of like a detoxing effect from. (I had a warm tingly sensation in the middle of my head, like my pineal gland is being stmulated...)

Mr Cirillo, CT, 2017

Regeneration Salve: "The first night, I lathered my areas with pain/cramps. During night was worst pain Ive felt, I couldn't move. In the morning, I lathered up some more, it was enough to allow me to get up, make breakfast, etc. That night I lathered more salve on my pain areas and applied a heating pad directly on it before bed. This was first night in a long time I slept like a baby! The best thing I have found that helps with my pain!"

Gary Buyak, CT, 2017; 

Pineal Purify: "I took one sip, and immediately felt high like the laughing Buddha. I haven't been the same since. Bliss in a bottle."

Mrs. Buyak, CT, 2018;

ATP+: “It’s the only thing that works instantly all day, no crash, feel great!”

Gary Buyak, CT, 2017;

 Crystal Blue: "Dude that was the best shower I ever had. The water is so soft. Orgasmic."

Thomas Gueirre, CT, 2017;

Crystal Blue Shower Unit + Imploder Nozzle: "Wow. I love the pressure, it's better than a massage. Orgasmic."

Karen Mahoney: February, 2017 from CrystalBlueWaterSolutions.com: 

"I have been using Crystal Blue water now for 5 days and have some observations I would like to share. First, let me say, that I did not expect such a heavy, obviously amazingly well crafted, piece of equipment!  I have, of course, read up on its functionality within your website and understand how it works, yet once in my hand, I was amazed at the actual integrity of the unit.  Kudos!! I have been drinking alkaline water for over 2 years as everything I had read said this was the best water to drink, for all the reasons we have all heard.  I came to understand by way of a very good scientific explanation on your website why this is not true.  I can tell you that I have felt my health has been in decline for a while now with no real reason why.  I believe the alkaline water may be the culprit.  So here is what has transpired in the 5 days I have been using the unit.  On the first day, I drank about 28 oz of the structured water and really felt no sense of anything different.  I am not as energy-sensitive as others so this did not surprise me, knowing others have felt immediate sensations.  Yet, I understood that whether I felt it or not, it was working. On the 2nd day, I drank about two times as much …. about 56oz.  Still, I felt no sensations as I actually drank it.  However, about 3PM I was overtaken with quite a bad headache which I rarely get.  I had a feeling something was happening.  Later in the day I began to notice my lower back was starting to hurt and I began to cough.  I do have asthma but it is generally under control.  So the coughing was noticeable for me and since this is one of my weak spots, I thought maybe the water might be trying to cleanse me in this area.  On the 3rd day, I woke up to nausea, a small fever, and my whole body hurt to the touch.  It really felt a lot like flu symptoms but I sensed it wasn’t flu.  My lower back was still hurting and was hot.  I was still coughing but it did not feel like asthma as I have known it for the last 10 years.  I did go to work but didn’t feel well most of the day.  I continued to drink the structured water, yet I reduced my intake to give my body a break assuming I was having the Herxheimer reaction of detox.  When I went home my back was very sore and my body still hurt to the touch so I just hopped in bed and rested.  During the night I had chills and sweats to a small degree.On the 4th day I awoke and still wasn’t feeling well but found I had the need to urinate every ½ hour for most of the day.  It was at this point I knew for sure I was releasing toxins.  Each time I urinated I felt better and better and by mid-day I actually felt fine.  The pain in my back subsided, the fever left and the headache which I woke up to again was gone.  I had called in to work sick that morning but by 11AM I felt great and went into work.  I believe the backache I had may have been my kidneys detoxing so I am grateful for that aspect!Day 5 I have awoken and feel great!  I am back to drinking my normal amount of water, most of which I am structuring, and, so far so good!  I am still coughing but believe this has been my challenge area, recently even having blood clots in both lungs, so I feel the coughing is a good thing as I think things are being attacked and cleansed.Beyond that, the only noticeable thing I can say after 5 days is that my skin has been itchy for the last several months although no visible rash.  I have discovered the itch has disappeared, and, although I have not used a shower unit, my skin feels a little better overall.  I am SOOOOO excited to see how using this unit continues to improve my health.  I have no doubt, based on what I have learned through your website, that it will.  I have done a few other cleanses in my life and none have produced a noticeable release of toxins for me EVER, unlike the use of this unit!  I look forward to making this a part of my regular daily regimen of health knowing I am doing something so good for my body.I want to thank you for bringing this technology to the world and I look forward to being a part of helping you spread the good news about this and all the ways you intend to create better health and a better life for everyone on and for the planet."

Sacramento, California – Neil W from fractalwater.com:

 “I bought two identical plant packages and used the imploder water on one and tap water in the other. Both plants are placed in the same soil, same sized pot and in place in the same sunlight. The only difference between the two is the water. The first thing noticed was that the imploder water absorbed the soil in about 1-2 minutes, leaving the soil looking moist & fluffy and the tap water absorbed the soil after about 30 minutes. Even after 40 minutes the tap water Was not completely absorbed and made the soil into a sloshy mud. 

I (Neal) also froze two cups if water to see if the water looks different and the imploded ice had fewer cracks, less lines, and was noticeably clearer."

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