Qi Gong


Iron Shirt Chi Gong

Chi Gong is designed to heal the body and allow it to function properly, from the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, fascia, organs, glands, brain, eyes, and energy field!

Iron Shirt Pose:

Start most moves in iron shirt pose.

Feet hips width apart

Feet slightly angled in

Claw 3 bottom foot points and toes into ground

Twist knees outwards like screws into ground

Tilt sacrum forward by pulling lower spine down

Tuck chin to throat and pull back

Pull tip of head up to sky

Arms stretch out in front at eye level

Smile to corners of your mouth, corners of eyes, brain, throat, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, bladder, kidneys, genital


Inhale deep and pull air down into lower lungs (upper abdomen)

Pull up on perineum/ kegel/ pelvic floor muscles (like you are stopping your stream of pee)

Pull tongue against the roof of your mouth

Hold for 21 seconds (or longer if your comfortable)

The 3 parts of this breath pressurize the inside of the body. This causes the blood vessels to dilate, and the oxygen goes into and toxins move out of cells more efficiently. Blood contains iron, so you actually feel like you are wearing an iron shirt when you do the breath correctly! You will feel lightheaded, especially when combining this iron shirt breath with other tai chi moves.

Exhale and relax.

Hold the exhale out for 8 seconds (or longer if your comfortable).

Store Energy In Belly

  • Visualize spiral energy up spine to head down front thru heart to belly

  • Store the energy in the belly for later use

  • Finish all practices this way.

Iron Bridge 1

  • Squeeze index and thumbs together to release pressure on low back

  • Keep chin tucked to throat and pulled back as you bend back

Iron Bridge 2

  • Like yoga pose forward fold.

  • Legs straight.

  • Feel hamstrings and low back open. Inhale when coming slowly up.

Buffalo and Turtle Breath

  • Buffalo: Like Iron bridge 2, difference is knees are bent so that spine is parallel to ground

  • Arms hanging enough to touch ground

  • Breathe into low belly and low back

Bone Breath

  • Visualize air coming in thru fingers and toes, thru arms and legs, spine, chest, and belly.

  • Squeeze compress flex bones and muscles as the air goes thru them.

Spinal Cord Breath

  • Inhale:

  • Expand chest forward

  • Tuck chin into throat and pull back

  • Pull tip of head up

  • Arms bent at elbows and out to sides

  • Exhale:

  • Tuck tailbone under

  • Bring elbows together

  • Round back

  • Pull back t11 vertebrae

  • Tuck chin to throat and pull back

  • Repeat many times

Empty Force Breath

  • Forceful exhale of lower middle and upper abdomens

  • Curl tongue out of mouth on exhale

  • Squeeze and flex kegel perenium muscles on inhale

Windmill 1

  • Bend spine hips to head down

  • Straighten spine hips to head up

  • Exhale going down

Windmill 2

  • Bend head to hips down

  • Straighten head to hips up

  • Exhale down


X3 Bar

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