( Phitness )

The purpose of fitness:

to increase and balance your potential energy (P.E. - like gym class!).

Transforming your P.E. into K.E. Kinetic Energy is the key! P.E. practices includes tai chi, yoga, meditation, relaxing, sleeping, eating and sex. K.E. practices include working out, hobbies, dreaming, cleaning the dishes, and sex.


affects the gut and lower organs, which effects the higher organs and the amount of energy your body can produce and handle.

Breathing and exercise

affects blood going thru veins, AKA iron going thru your wires AKA Chi going thru your meridians- all accelerate the spin of the body's EMF field.

Your P.E. is influenced by your brainwave activity, and vise versa. Focused relaxation (alpha waves) enhance the ability to consciously influence your EMF field. Do so thru tai chi, biofeedback, and doing things that get you "in the zone".

ALL Outside EMF fields in the environment around you (not just Microwaves and Music!) effect inside the body. Biologic Architecture (Nature/ Stone buildings like churches) allows "healthy" EMF to be produced in the environment.

"if (x) will grow AND BALANCE my P.E.,

then YES,

else NO."