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Solfeggio Flute

Transcendental Sound Vibration

“Zarathushtra” (verified owner) – August 24, 2015

Just received delivery of the 528hz, Solfeggio, Arabian Flute from the secret Energy store…… It is Absolutely Amazing!!! Very easy to play and the transcendent sounds surpass exquisite. I play classical flute and so I am used to breath control and resonance. The flute is in a pentatonic scale of C sharp major which is the key of the transcendental sound syllable OM, so after playing the flute for an hour this morning, and working out the scale, I was able to produce a sound that has left me in a literal state of bliss, I could actually feel the electromagnetic frequency in my body go up, leaving a sense of deep healing…. Absolutely Amazing!!


I injoy listening to this:

Thanks for listening!
— RJH3