Life Path

Find Your Life Path Number!

Your Life Path Number is based on adding your birthdate: mine is 9/17/1994  ==  9+1+7+1+9+9+4 = 40  ==  4+0 = 4. My life path is Number 4: "Breakthrough".

Number 1: Pioneer

  • The 1 energy allows for a much ‘easier’ trip through life than the other destiny numbers, but only if you allow this ‘ease’ into your life. 
  • 1 is the path of independence. 
  • Focus is one of the principle gifts of the 1 destiny, and your ability to influence others. 
  • The 1 destiny makes you a dynamo of positive energy.

Number 2: Sensitive

  • Feminine aspects of life: sexual balance, emotional expression, intuition, healing, peace, cooperation, relationship, diplomacy, patience, and attention to detail. 
  • 2 provides you with the power of illumination. 
  • PEACE is 2s objective.
  • 2s must learn to deal with the insensitivity of others without being overwhelmed. 
  • A strong intuition is one of 2s principle gifts. 
  • 2 is a slow moving and gentle energy.

Number 3: Expression

  • COMMUNICATION is your purpose. 
  • You have the gifts of words, creativity, attraction, sociability, creativity, optimism, memory, friendship, and humor.
  • 3 destiny people have unusual and memorable voices.
  •  You are a natural performer.
  • 3s have a tendency to deny or “play down” their emotion.

Number 4: Breakthrough

  • The 4 destiny creates events and circumstances which enable you to learn craftsmanship, practicality, industriousness, self-discipline, and leadership. 
  • You can amaze people by taking what they see as chaos, and turning it into order, priority, and logic. You are a born organizer. 
  • 4s are so often known for their love of gadgets, mechanical devices, psychology, medicine, physics, and metaphysics.
  • 4 is the number of the ARCHITECT and BUILDER. Your dreams will be constructed, one piece at a time, through uncommon vision, well laid plans, and the passion to see those plans through to a satisfying conclusion.

Number 5: Experience

  • The 5 destiny emphasizes your physical body, sexual energies, and the way in which your body, mind, and emotions are able to adapt to changing environments.
  • 5 is a very active and unpredictable path.
  • The 5 path is an unconventional one which is meant to take you far from your birth place.

Number 6: Balance

  • 6 is the path of LOVE.
  • Parenting is a large part of what you have come into this life to learn about.
  • 6 gives you the power of MAGNETISM. You will attract whatever you focus on far more easily than most others.
  • You are one of life’s natural entertainers.
  • The stable one, the problem-solver, and the peace-maker, able to command the respect of others.
  • Your home is your castle. You are responsible for it and for those who live there with you. You are the ruling monarch, chief care-giver, problem-solver, stabilizer, healer, educator, provider, and law-maker.

Number 7: Intellect

  • 7 is the energy of WISDOM and TRUTH, science, knowledge, and intelligence.
  • 7s question authority and can make valid and moving arguments as to why the status quo is unacceptable.
  • Prefers the company of those who are refined, educated, and tasteful, and your need for high quality is probably one of your better known characteristics.
  • Deep thinker, an excessive worrier, a clever planner and orchestrator, a keen investigator, a creative analyst, and an impressive problem-solver.
  • Ability to forge master plans, with no detail left to chance, can provide the inner security you need. However, if your plans become plots and schemes, you place yourself in the vulnerable position of possibly being “caught”. Then, the paranoia starts all over again.
  • There is always some form of intrigue in the life of a 7 because 7 is the number of secrets, conspiracies, and behind-the-scenes activities.
  • You need calm and quiet, and you need inner peace, so that your remarkable power of intuition can be developed and strengthened.

Number 8: Empowerment

  • 8 is the energy of personal satisfaction. 8 is pure power, when it is combined with love.
  • Strong and seductive presence. The 8 charm and charisma is one of life’s very special gifts to you.
  • Reserved, dignified, economical, gracious, efficient, and well-mannered., ambitious, and energetic. You are also an excellent organizer, administrator, persuader, and manager, provided it is you who calls the shots.
  • One of the “magicians” of the material world. Power to manifest is an instinctive talent - the Midas touch - your own material magnetism which attracts material, financial, or emotional reward to you.
  • The 8 energy which brings you to the right place at the right time, introduces you to the right people, and sets you up in the right circumstances. You need to be in an environment in which contact with already wealthy and powerful people is possible.
  • Talk in tangents, you will ask yourself - “What was I talking about?” and, then, with tremendous grace, find a common link which will bring the conversation back to its original focus. This talent comes with confidence.
  • Giving people what they love is 8s key to success. When you do what your Will drives you to do, your activities create passion, love, and enthusiasm in you. And, still, the only way you will be able to fulfill your higher purpose is from a position of POWER.

Number 9: Letting Go


  • Contains a little bit of all the other energies, as well as some unique characteristics of its own. Its influence in your life makes you very versatile and unusual. In order to understand 9s universal effect, add together the numbers from 1 to 8, (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8). The answer is 36. Add the 3 and the 6 together, and you have 9. Add 9 to 9 and you have 18. Then add the 1 and the 8 together, and you’re back to 9. This is the only number that works in such a mysterious way.
  • The 9 path can seem so complex that it is unavoidable for you to become involved in the metaphysics of life. You probably do have an avid interest in spiritual and psychological matters.
  • 9s are very old souls who have lived many lifetimes.
  • You must finish everything that you start, tie up all the lose ends, gain new experience from your past and present mistakes, and leave nothing unfinished. Here to conclude unresolved issues of the past, so that you can move on.
  • 9 is the number of giving.
  • Painful events can turn out to be the “best thing that ever happened to you”.

Because the 9 energy is made up of all the other energies - and then some - it is important to know what the other energies consist of and to incorporate them into your everyday life:

1. INDEPENDENCE: knowing who you are, adapting to change, and leading your own life.

2. RELATION: cooperating with others, patience tact, careful attention to detail, and living through intuition.

3. CREATIVITY: communicating; developing friendship, beauty, and happiness.

4. BREAKTHROUGH: knowing that one’s work must be what one loves.

5. FREEDOM: expanding your experience by learning from your mistakes.

6. RESPONSIBILITY: love; the ultimate balancing act.

7. WISDOM: inner development, spirituality, knowledge.

8. POWER: the ability to influence through your powers of manifestation.

9. COMPLETION: following your feelings to free Will.