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Structured Water

Structuring water neutralizes all toxins like chlorine and fluoride, balances pH to about 7.5, and hydrates cells more effectively than regular tap water.


Blue Green Algae

The most complete food. 70% usable protein, 12 vitamins, 27 minerals, EFAs, EPA, DHA, and much more chlorophyll than broccoli and kale.



85 ionic minerals with humic and fulvic acids. Supports physical power and immune defense.


Essential Oils

Protects against environmental threats, supports immune and cardiovascular systems, circulation, respiration, digestion, cleansing, detox; improves sleep, skin and hair appearance; grounding, relaxing, calming, soothing, and stimulating effects on mood and cognitive function; promotes emotional balance, healthy cellular growth, AND repels insects.


Complete Internal Cleanse

Clean out all the parts of the body, from the gut to the lungs.



Supports the body’s natural ability to function optimally. It is recommended to use only after proper internal cleansing.


Medical Grade Magnesium

Improve body’s natural ability to heal itself. Magnesium deficiency has been shown to lead to poor sleep, depression, anxiety, heavy metal toxicity, pH imbalance, and more.


Medicinal Mushrooms

Supports healthy function of all systems of the body. Works synergistically with chocolate.


Raw Chocolate

Chocolate (Cacao) has many minerals (coco powder) healthy fats (cacao butter), amino acids, and it tastes delicious.


Tibetan Medicine

Herb based remedies design to support physical, mental, and spiritual potential. Clarity, rest, power, strength, stamina, awareness, sexual potency, vigor, emotional and mood support, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, cleanse, vitalize, fortify, and balance.

Knowledge Courses

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Secret Energy Innerversity

Designed to instruct on the highest levels of physical, mental, and spiritual expansion, starting with the foundation. Detailed lectures and illustrated manuals.


Spiritech Ambassador Group

Collective tribe of like-minded individuals focused on metaphysical sovereignty. Training, Materials, Endorsements, Clients, and Crypto-Currency.