( Invironment )

How To: Healthy Home

->Create living space (BioLogic Architecture) by observing some simple rules:

1. Use (Egg / Dodecahedrons) natural geometries, shapes, forms, ratios and growth patterns to design our spaces in order to create life and truly sustainable systems. This is 'Full Spectrum Architecture' - not just 'green architecture'!

2. Use virtually ALL biologic materials (hemp, limestone, gold) - to create fractal charge field effects (avoid particularly aluminium and steel - also PETROL plastics wherever at all possible)

3. Plan structures by observing for negative ion potential, and environmental magnetic maps- to find the place of healing (non-destructive charge compression).

4. Make detailed plans to eliminate most all electro smog - the adverse affects of electrical contamination. (Seriously poisonous to most biology)

5. Include paramagnetic stone arrays (dolmen, stone circle, labyrinth) kinds of structure external and or internal - to create rose petal like attraction for living charge.

6. Work with elemental forces under, on and above the land - (living charge domains) - to include the symphony of life in your structural plan.

->Full spectrum light bulb


Biologic Architecture

*Form & Function*

Structural biology is a branch of biophysics concerned with the structure of biological molecules, like amino and nucleic acids; how they acquire the structures they have, and how alterations in their structure affects their function.