Crystal Blue Structured Water

Common sense is that clean, natural spring and rainwater are the best waters of all. Farmers know that rainwater is better for their crops and livestock than irrigation water. Rainwater falling from the sky is refreshed, energized and transformed by the rays of the sun, the swirling motion of the wind, the electrical charge of lightning, and by the natural design of the atmosphere itself. All of these factors work together in perfect harmony to realign the molecular configuration of water, making it more efficient and productive for plants, animals and people.  




reverse osmosised,

and THEN

Structured with our Crystal blue or Fractal Water units.

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United California Citrus / Dr. Naresh Shetty


The Crystal Blue Water Activator safely and effectively improves the ability of water to dissolve waste and other compounds. Crystal Blue makes your tap and well water taste great, and is much healthier and safer for you to drink.


Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units consistently prove its effectiveness in enhancing health and productivity for soils. The application of the Crystal Blue makes your crops stronger and healthier and provide higher yields. Using Crystal Blue is a safe, productive and a lucrative investment for all your indoor and outdoor agriculture needs.

Just Imagine What Crystal Blue Water Will Do For You!

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How does Water Structuring work?

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  • Spin forms an implosive (counterclockwise) vortex that structures the water. Increases cellular absorption.

  • Disorganized water molecules become organized; Ordered molecular patterns are created from chaos.

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  • High pressure inside the power rock mineral tube produces the piezoelectric charge.

  • Energizes: Ionizes (gives electrons to) hydrogen (H2) ion, which makes it negatively charged (more electrons (-) than protons (+)). The water gives it’s extra electrons to the cells it comes in contact with (people, plants, animals, dirt, air, etc) that are positively charged (less electrons than protons) to achieve electrical balance.

  • Balances pH (percent Hydrogen) level to 7.5 (slightly alkaline).

  • Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed; Beneficial electromagnetic frequencies and environmental information are accumulated.

  • Neutralizes toxins, taste and smell. It makes the toxins/ minerals able to be processed by the body (absorbed or eliminated). This also cleans the mineral build up in the homes plumbing system.


Focused longitudinal waves created by the charged-vortex allows  skin/soil/plants/ DNA to absorb the energy without zero resistance.T he book "Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Natures Secret Force of Growth" by PhD Phil Callahan describes the effects of para-magnetic structures (Material + Shape) on the surrounding land and groundwater. The Crystal Blue effect (Power Rock + Spheres) is similar, and takes place inside the device. Also look at our Fractal Water page for more of the physics behind charged water!

How does this water effect Plants?

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Central Institute for Cotton Research:

“The Structured water irrigated cotton were taller in stature, produced more number of leaves, higher chlorophyll, root cation exchange capacity, nutrient uptake, and accumulated higher dry matter production. Crystal Blue Structured Water produced higher boll numbers (49.9/plant) compared to borewell irrigated cotton (40.1/plant), Boll weight also higher (6.83 g/boll) compared to 5.66 g/boll. Structured water cotton yield was 3173kgs compared to 2836kgs in borewell water. Fiber attributes better with structured water.”


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University:

“Based on the results of field experiments, it is revealed that the crops under study viz., cotton, tomato, bhendi, sorghum and tapioca which were irrigated with structured water exhibited an increase in growth and yield.”


A Study of Walnut Trees on a Farm in Chile, South America; Feb 24, 2016 by Doris Morissette from reports submitted by Pato Gasaly Cohn of Fractal Innovation SpA., Chili, South America:

"One group of trees was selected to receive this same well water after it had passed through an AP-2 CB unit.  The other 4 groups of trees received the well water only.  This was done to establish a control group. The lab findings showed the 4 areas that received the well water (our control group) had deficiencies in various micro and macro nutrients. In contrast, the samples submitted from the 5th area of  trees that received the same well water that had also gone through a CB unit showed that all minerals were within normal range."

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