Bio-Active Field healing device

->Theraphi is an energetic healing system that uses:

  1. 2 triangle light bulbs

  2. Filled with noble gases

  3. Facing each-other

  4. When powered, the gases spin and create a "energy field" that accelerates charge. This means that if you are happy, being it’s this energy field will make you happier. HOWEVER, if you are angry, being in this field will make you angrier. REMEMBER, you are the conductor!

<bulb) {~~~"Energy Field"~~~} (bulb>

Theraphi is a phase conjugate, centripetal , negentropic, plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field. Theraphi – usually generates strong feelings of being energized, metabolic acceleration, circulation and sensation increase.

The Theraphi- will increase the charge and pressure of the corona (aura) around the body. SO- relax- take a deep breath then gently enter stillness. The charge tends to go ‘where it’s needed’. The user should be urged – to ‘set their intention’, to visualize the charge going where they wish, and to visualize / imagine the outcome. The opportunity to ‘create your reality’ is greatest when the life force field is charged and compressed ready to be imploded into your picture of healing.


– enjoy the stillness for a couple minutes

– discuss the feeling and the intention

– drink spring water ( charge experiences particularly require hydration).

– expect detox effect ( deep breathing, extra fluids, more rest , stillness)

– expect metabolic acceleration- your body speeds up- your mind speeds up. We have measured HRV rate increases that last at least a day. Interestingly in Belgium- users DO report improved DECISION MAKING. We speculate increased metabolic/ mentation rate- improve descrimination / sorting/ decision making skills. 

– health professionals are urged to do all the things associated with detox ( drink more, detox herbs etc, ideal would be access to live blood cell microscopy- seeing the blood clean of released toxins etc.) 

– Reminder the Theraphi system is basically a very sophisticated plasma array – which seems to have frequent amazing side effect benefits. It is experimental only.  

Read more @, and come to our center @ Theraphi NorthEast


-> You can also make your own Implosion device by following 4 simple rules:

1: A 5 sided pyramid (Use Dan Winter's StarMother Kit for reference)

2: Material is high dielectric (use copper covered in hemp, or paramagnetic stone like granite limestone)

3: Tip of pyramid has a crystal of some kind (I use a quartz dodecahedron)

4: Place in any space you want to accelerate charge (bedroom) !