Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves Training- Exercise for your brain

When you are in a flow state, your brain is making more alpha waves than usual. When you have that epiphany idea, or that moment of insight of knowing exactly what to do, that's alpha waves. When you take that idea and though the details labors of creation, that's beta waves. The problem is an imbalance of too much beta and too little alpha during the day. This causes constant stress, since beta is m sympatheic nervous system, while alpha is more parasympathetic. Training yourself to be able to get into an alpha state is the solution. This allows instant relaxation and mental focus whenever necessary.  One is able to be more flexible in all situations, such as coming up with creative solutions, and regulating emotions. Most things such as food, hobbies, tai chi, meditation, drugs, sex, etc allow access to this alpha state, which is why we "like" these things.


Monks have been meditating their whole lives with the goal of achieving this self mind control. Now there are ways to accelerate this process, while still empowering you to do it all by yourself, without being completely reliant on something to get you there. The military actually uses similar methods to what I'm about to describe with their soldiers. As their hearts and brains  are synced up with each others,they're all on the "same page", and this allows the soldiers work together more efficiency. Companies like Google use these methods for the same purpose, productivity and teamwork.

BioFeedback Brainwave Training is something I use while meditating in morning and before bed to practice getting myself into this altered state of mind. I use this FlameInMind app. Which scans your brain and tells you (with an audible beep) when your brain is  in this state. Not only does it tell you when your making alpha waves, but also when the ratio of all of your brainwaves (alpha, beta, theta, delta, gamma) is in a perfect ratio. This allows you to learn how to balance all of your brainwaves, not just one. It also includes heart rate variability training, and binaural beats to match your breathing to. I have personally noticed that my emotions are more balanced throughout the day. All of life's stress is still there, but I don't get sucked into it. I feel more efficient when I do things, like I'm getting more done with higher quality results, while using less effort. I feel more dominant/ confident/ alpha human. I feel more relaxed, and generally happy all the time, especially right after a 15 minute session.

The goal here is to be able to get yourself into this state WITHOUT the help of the feedback. Once you know what it feels like when you change into the alpha ( match the sounds with the way you feel ), you are now able to do that at anytime. Useful in times of stress and problem-solving situations. Also maximizes the experience of the other practices I mentioned in the previous paragraph (food, hobbies, tai chi, meditation, drugs, sex, etc).

Master Mantak Chia has shown that when he does the microcosmic orbit meditation, and he focuses between his brain and belly, he changes his brainwaves between alpha, beta, and theta:


These images are from Mantak Chia's Microcosmic Orbit book, which you can read here.


There are a few supplements that are designed to facilitate this alpha brain state. The one I use is etherium gold, which has been shown to influence the brain hemispheres towards balance and increase alpha waves.


Enjoy your new brain!